Music for Life


So often we hear people say that children should do music because it improves their reading, writing and general discipline, that is true. But the primary purpose of studying music is because it gives people a real uplift – it’s what distinguishes humanity from all other species. The point is to encourage young people to make music in the greatest number of ways and styles.

Engaging with music wakes our brain to limitless possibilities. Anyone making music will be physsicaly involved, mentally alert and creatively inspired. In short, making and learning about music are presented as life-enhancing activities.

Making music brings a deep sense of joy : it adds another dimension to life because it taps into something that is everywhere and experience by everyone. And the more that children know about music, the more rewarding they will find it.

Nowadays, an army of confused parents seems to rest their children’s education entirely in professional hands. The temptation to rely upon teachers to make all the right decisions at the right moments in a child’s school career is famously strong when it comes to music. But yet, parents could soon become a vital new driving force in lifelong music education as well.

Parents can dip into chapters relating to any stage of their children’s musical development, from infant beginnings to steps on the path towards college study and beyond. Parents are encouraged to discover music together with their children so that parents can make a big difference to their children’s musical lives.

From “Raising an Amazing Musician”


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