My Little Queen


Dearest my little queen,

6 years passed by as you’ve grown more and more
With most of the time we’ve shared together
Through good and bad times
Days we’ve giggled and laughed
Days of frustration, tears and sorrows
Together, as we’re getting closer to each other
I could never be more blessed than had a chance for being your mother

I praise the Lord for granting you into my life
The best gift I’ve ever had
It’s always been a ponder in my heart whether I can be a good mother for you or not
But when you looked at me and said “You’re the best Mama”
It’s always been a new boosting energy for me to learn more, to understand more and striving to be a mom that you can be proud of
So, I thank you little queen, for your constant support and unconditional love

When you asked me “Are you proud of me Mama if I turned 6 years old?”
The answer would be the same darling,
I will always be proud of you, whether now you’re 6 or you’re 25
Whether you’re good or sometimes you give me hard times
You always be my light of life

If now you’re turning six
It’s just another year to watch you grow
When you’ll share your beautiful smile and brings lots of joy
It’s such a blessing for me and people who knows you

My little queen,
I wish you all the best in the coming year
May you’ll be save in Our Father’s arms
As He has watched you every second in your life
May you’ll always be closed to Jesus Our Lord
As He has embraced you, cherished you all the way
May you’ll always be surrounded by The Holy Spirit
Coz I know, nothing can separate you from His presence
Keep on dreaming my love
May all your dreams come true

I love you so much
I love you more
I love you most

[On your 6th birthday, July 19 – 00.05am]


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